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           Energy Efficient Homes

         Paul Methvin Homes, Inc. is a proud builder of energy efficient homes.  By building energy efficient homes we help protect the environment and save you money with lower utility bills. Our homes are built to a rigorous standard, with 3rd party testing available as an option.

         Should you choose to have the testing done on your home, Guaranteed Watt Saver, located in Oklahoma City, provides this testing and verification service for Paul Methvin Homes, Inc.  Prior to constructing a house, GWS will analyze the houseplan, planning the heat and air layout and unit size, and rating the energy efficiency of the house.  During construction, GWS inspects the house at the wall insulation stage to verify correct insulation installation prior to installing sheetrock.  When construction is complete, GWS performs a blower door test to determine the home's airtightness. 

       Whether you choose to have the testing done or not, your home will be constructed with exactly the same energy efficiency and rigorous standard as the homes that are tested.  The savings you will experience are based on heating, cooling, and hot water energy use and are typically achieved through a combination of:

These features contribute to lower energy usage, lower utility bills, increase friendliness to the environment, and provide greater home comfort.


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